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Friday, August 1, 2008

I ROCK at grocery shopping :)

Today started my first month at being super frugal...and I wasn't for sure what the stores had in store for me. Well, I just spent $65...and this *may* last us over a week! This is what I got:

At Homeland:
3 boxes of Hamburger Helper for $1.50 (double coupons and they were on sale!)
Easy Mac for $1.50
Secret Deoderant for free! (sale price was $1 and they doubled my .50 coupon!!!!!)

At Crest:
Bag of Tyson chicken nuggets $3.98
Gallon of water $.65
Crackers $2.19
Gallon of 2% milk $3.34
Cat box liners $2.99
4pack of canned biscuits $1.84
Bread $.92
Lean Pockets 2 for $3
Honeycomb cereal $1.98
Shredded Cheese $2.48
Kraft Cheese Slices $2.39
White Rice $.99
Toilet Paper $1.08
Easy Mac Cups 2 for $1
12 oz canned chicken $1.67
Poptarts 12 ct $2
6 ct bottles of Koolaid $.99
Mandarin Oranges $1.72
2 lbs Green Grapes $2.99
Chicken Helper $.99
Froot Loops $2.50
6 oz canned chicken $.99
Yoplait Yogurt 6 ct $2.96
6 ct animal crackers $.99
6 ct Dolphins and Friends (like Goldfish) $.99
Borden string cheese 6ct $2
Hot dogs $1.88
20 oz Veggie Bag (brocooli, califlower, and carrots) $3.50
.85 lb of apples $1.35

So, this and what we have in the freezer (leftovers from Angelfood) should last us a while! I just wish I had more coupons to spend at Homeland LOL.

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