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Thursday, December 31, 2009


We're at the end of 2009. What a crazy year this has been. The craziest part was loosing an aunt before it was her time to lung cancer. I truly hate cigarettes, and if you smoke, please think about what it does to your family. She missed her daughter's wedding by 3 months. :(

Frugal-wise, we got that deep freezer for ourselves for Christmas. My parents helped us fill it for Christmas too...what a blessing!

2010 brings a lot of changes here. In exactly 5 weeks I will be having surgery. A total abdominal hysterectomy. I know what you're thinking...she's only 30?! But my body has said enough is enough. I've had two very scary months, so it's time to say goodbye to that stage of my life. I'm actually a little excited about it...no more checking the calendar before I can go swimming, no more cramps and heating pads, and there's a certain section of the store I won't have to visit! (unfortunately we've only got a few years for that one since the girls are getting older!)

So I will be spending January getting prepared for 4-6 weeks of recovery. Meals need to be made and frozen so Jeff will just have to reheat stuff, and schedules need to be figured out since the girls' dance will still go on. I've got my crafts ready, and a stack of books ready to read.

It's time for change.