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I'm a SAHM to 3 kids, a couple of 2nd graders and a 4 year old little man who is doing some Pre-K stuff.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New doggie...for free!!!

Today we picked up Jack Jack (the extra Jack is in reference to the Incredibles)...a full-blooded Welsh Corgi. He is such a lover boy!

I really think this dog was meant to be ours. We were going to go to the shelter on Saturday, but my FIL happened upon this note on a bullitin board from an old member of our church. :D It even goes to the vet that we've been going to for years...so the vet is going to know it's history! :D :D

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Putting away new to us clothes!

Instead of spending tons of $$$ on more clothes for Ethan (my 2 yr old), I just received a box of clothes from a friend on the internet. As Bob the Builder says " Reuse and recycle!" Ethan is going to be set for at least another year.

And I'm going to be getting the sewing machine out soon to make some things...there are dresses for the girls and Christmas gifts for Christmas '08 that need to be started!

And we're even being frugal on the pets...we're getting a new dog on Saturday, and the adoption fee is only going to be $25...includes shots, dewormer, Frontline...and 4 weeks of classes for the new dog! If you live in the OKC area, you must stop by the Oklahoma City animal shelter!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hi all!

I wanted to have a blog where I could share with everyone my thoughts on being frugal. I thought this would be a good spot to share pictures of my frugal finds. I'm hoping that some people will understand me more by reading this blog (some of my friends just don't get it).

Me being frugal started 4 years ago when we began The Total Money Makeover. Back then we had 4 credit cards, student loans, 2 cars that had huge balances on them....we were going downhill quick. But we set up a budget, and we are so close to calling Dave and telling him we're debt free! Our only set back now is the new ac/heater that we had to have put in a few weeks ago. So by summer we should be debt free! FREEDOM!!!

The way we work our budget, I get a set amount of money to spend at the grocery store and any clothing stores. So obviously I want to spend most of the money on food. So where do I get our clothes? I love getting the kids' clothes at thrift stores. My oldest has a leather skirt I found for $2. My girls' dresses cost usually around $2. Most t-shirts and shorts are $1 or less. And sometimes they get their clothes from hand-me-downs. And I've gotten a lot of fabric on clearance, and I'm going to start making the kids some stuff too. And where do we get our clothes? Most of my husband's clothes are given to him at his birthday and Christmas. Most of my clothes are from high school and college. Now last year I did need some newish jeans, and my mother gave me 4 pair of hers...and that was just fine by me!

I just prefer not to spend a lot on things. My purses usually cost me less than $20. I have a friend who thinks nothing about dropping $150 on a purse...and wow...I can think of a lot of things I can get for $150! I own 6 pair of shoes right now (and 3 pair are flip flops that were given to me!). I know most women own a lot more than that. I just don't see the point. I don't wear make up either. To me that's a waste of money. I don't even wear perfume...I ran out, and I've never felt like buying more LOL. (And before any of you bring up my Wii...that was a very generous Christmas gift...and I've never bought any of those $50 games that go with it!)

I know what some of you are thinking..."but doesn't your husband make decent money?" Well, he does ok. But after tithing and sponsoring a child in India and groceries and medicine copays, his income gets stretched. So I've spent the past several years living more as a minimalist to some degree, AND I LOVE IT! My kids are not deprived (heck, they do have ballet and church and toys out the wazoo), and we're living quite comfortable. So sit back, relax, and in the upcoming days and months I'll show you how I'm a frugal momma!