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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not as Frugal as I hoped!

Here it is a week before the month is over, and we went wayyyyyy over budget on food. Eating out kills us! :( I won't give exact numbers, but we spent more on eating out then we did at the grocery store! This is unacceptable!

So here's my plan...I'm not going to any store (grocery or fast food) for the rest of the month. The only exception is Friday or Saturday night, because we're kidless then, and I want a date! :) We picked up our humongous load of food from Angelfood yesterday, so we're fine. The freezer is completely packed, and I'm just going to be cooking good, wholesome foods for meals this week!

On September 1, we will be doing what Dave Ramsey suggests, and we'll be using a food envelope. I'll get half of the food budget money out then, and my bank card will be confiscated. :) (Other half of food budget money will be replenished on the 15th) I will then go to the grocery store twice a month...on the first and fifteenth. I've got to figure out a way for this to work! The deadline for the new a/c/heater bill is coming up fast...if we don't get it paid off soon, we're in trouble!

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