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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pre-op appointment...

I went to my pre-op appointment this afternoon. My nerves were going crazy! I had absolutely no idea what to expect. First thing they did was weigh me. I weigh exactly what I did 2 months ago...when I started taking a drug that Doc said would make me gain weight! Ha ha!

They then stuck me for a complete blood count. That actually didn't hurt near as bad as I was anticipating. Jeff and I were then forced to sit in a tiny waiting room with a ton of pregnant women. I handled that part ok, but I didn't understand why they did that to a woman that was fixing to have a hysterectomy. Some women don't handle that ok.

When we finally got a room, the nurse made me sign my life away. The "we're not responsible if you die on the operating table" form. I signed it. If I do die on the table, you guys take care of Jeff and the kids, ok? ;) I'm honestly not worried at all about that. I'm in God's hands.

I was then given the instructions for the day before surgery. Take 2 dulcolax at 2 p.m. (She said it may work in 30 minutes, may work in 6 hours...) and then do a fleet enema an hour before bedtime. I am not to eat or drink after midnight. What a fun day that will be. :P

I have to be at the hospital at 6 a.m. the next morning...which means waking up at 4 a.m....as we are 20-30 minutes away from said hospital. Surgery is at 8. I will leave 2 days later (so Saturday). I'm not allowed to drive for 2 weeks.

That was my appointment in a nut shell. In 8 days I'll be missing a body part, but I will gain so much in the quality of life department. What a wonderful world this will be! :)

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